GlobalVent Job Roles 


We’re an international collaboration of scientists, engineers and healthcare professionals in Cambridge and beyond, working to create freely-available designs for emergency ventilators to help save thousands of lives in the coronavirus crisis.

If you can help with expertise please get in touch. Everyone on this project is working for free, and you can find out more about the project here:

However, we have a range of roles that need fulfilling, many of which are engineering, technical and specialist. These are in the support of the team who have built or are building the Ventilator.

These roles are to provide sub-modules, which will provide interfaces or self-contained systems to part of or act independently of either the Ventilator provided by Globalvent or by any other project that requires a control system or module.

The roles include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. User Interface – we need someone to lead or own this project and possible bring others on board, though we have a small team already working away on this.
  2. Computer Platform – Get in touch, but we have our main person at the moment, but we might need more than one computer platfrom
  • Controller Interface – We need the following roles fulfilled
    – embedded software engineer
    – hardware engineer
    – medical device engineer
  1. Power supply / battery team – someone to own and bring a team on board
  2. Oxygen mixer – We have the offer of knowledge transfer from a local company in Cambridge, but we need someone to take ownership and run this, might need to bring other on board
  3. Oxygen Concentration – we need someone to lead or own this project and possible bring others on board. We have some expertise / technical and possibly the supplies of the material.
  • Mechanical interface / enclosure of our Ventilator – team or engineers to help, probably need to be based in Cambridge to help with current team, but not necessarily.
  • Engineering teams UK / Worldwide to try and build the Ventilator off plan and run the system as a design concept

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